13 Reasons Cedar Lawn Care Is Different Than Our Competition

1. We don’t use contracts.  Over and over again we talk to potential clients who have been locked in to 8-12 month contracts.  In Cedar City the mowing season is rarely over 7 months.  We look at things from the clients point of view and don’t want to charge people for unnecessary work.

2. We take payments online via credit card.  Many companies require you be home to pay at the time of service.  We provide the option to pay with a card online.  We try to make things as easy as possible for our clients.

3.  Experience is one of our greatest assets!  With over 12 years of experience we feel we have what it takes to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

4.  We are dependable.  We show up on time and do our best to get the job done properly every time.  1-2 Holidays per season, and rain are the only things that ever temporarily set us back.

5.  We are licensed, debt free, and pay taxes.  A huge percentage of companies in our industry do things under the table.  We are 100% legal.  We have our pesticide licenses, business licenses, have liability insurance, pay workers comp etc.  We are debt free and will be around for many years to come.

6.  We sharpen our lawn mower blades at least weekly to ensure the best quality cut for our lawns.  Dull blades damage the grass.

7.  We use the best commercial equipment on the market.  We use 30 inch mowers instead of traditional 21 inch mowers to be more efficient.  As a result we can save us time, and you money.  We do not use ride on mowers.  They rip up the grass, are more likely to break sprinklers, and can cause ruts.

8.  Your phone call is very important to us and we will do our very best to make sure you never have to use our voice mail!

9.  We feel honesty is the best policy.  We will be sure to use it in every aspect of our business.

10.  We take pride in our work and want your yard to be known as the most well-groomed property on the street.  Many companies hire anyone available to help.  We have highly trained employees and make sure things are done by our high standards.

11.  When reasonable we mow your lawn in a different direction each week.  The same mowing pattern can leave wheel ruts in your lawn.  Switching directions helps to eliminate that issue.

12.  We don’t let your dog out.  We consciously close gates behind us to ensure your dog or children won’t be in danger of getting out.  We follow 12 steps at every visit to make sure things are done right.

13.  We Guarantee our work 100% and will do our very best to make you happy with your lawn care services.  If you are unhappy with our work we will redo the service in question for free.  If you’re still unhappy we will give you your money back.